Hiatal hernia is a when a portion of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm and into the chest. It is usually caused by excess pressure either from physical strain, coughing or vomiting. Those who are overweight, pregnant and/or smokers are most likely to get a hiatal hernia.

hiatal hernia

While most are not symptomatic, some may experience symptoms that mimic acid reflux including heartburn, chest pain, bloating and belching. Click here to learn more about hiatal hernia. 

Today, I interview Dr. Emily Mayo, owner of Mayo Chiropractic to learn more about her work with hiatal hernia adjustments. Dr. Emily is a family Chiropractor in San Diego, California who sees patients from all walks of life. Her specialties include both pediatric/prenatal adjusting and sports chiropractic. 

Watch the interview or read the highlights below:

Chiropractic Medicine & Digestive Health 

  • While most patients don’t visit a Chiropractor due to digestive issues, about 80% suffer from them and benefit from adjustments. 
  • Chiropractors help align the body to optimize nervous system function.
  • Nerves stimulate the digestive tract and must work properly for healthy digestion.

Hiatal Hernia Adjustment 

  • Hiatal hernia is when a portion of the stomach is misaligned and moves into the chest cavity.
  • Chiropractors identify the misalignment and move the stomach back in place.
  • A gentle and consistent force is applied to move the stomach. It feels like a deep stretch on a tight muscle (i.e. not painful, but mildly uncomfortable). 
  • Thereafter, the chest cavity must heal to prevent recurrence of the hernia. Reducing inflammation improves the healing process.
    • On average, people may need 3 to 4 adjustments to correct the hernia. However, some may require more or less treatment. 
    • It is important to work with a trained professional. Don’t try this adjustment at home because you can make the condition worse. 
  • Not all Chiropractors are trained in this adjustment. To find a practitioner, search for “hiatal hernia”, “chiropractor” “applied kinesiology” and your zip code. Additionally, you may reach out to Dr. Emily directly for more help. 

Other Digest Health Tips:

  • Get an adjustment so the body functions optimally
  • Give the body proper nutrition. Consume a clean diet and avoid excess chemicals
  • Exercise regularly

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