Check out my interview below with Jeanne Cummings, a local yoga expert and leader. She specializes in the 8 limbs of yoga, which is a pathway to connecting to the Self to obtain union and peace. You’ll learn all about the dynamic connection between yoga and digestive health. You can also check out the interview highlights below. 

Interview Highlights:

  • Stress & Yoga

    • It’s okay to come to yoga for exercise (physical practice) and to help manage stress (mindfulness practice). 
    • Stress is stored in different areas of the body (organs, nervous system, glands, etc.) and yoga helps to move and remove the stress to avoid it from building up. 
    • Stress is found all over our environment. Going to a yoga class allows us to get away from everyday stresses and instead become more mindful and present. 
  • 8 Limbs of Yoga

    • The prerequisites to connection to self and meditation
    • A powerful tool to find balance and feel centered 
  • Yoga Can Change Your Health 

    • Yoga changes both the body and the mind
    • Hear about a transformation story of the busy business man who brought yoga into his life and it changed everything! 
    • Hear how yoga changed my own life (10:00 minute mark)
  • Yoga & Digestion 

    • Get to the root cause of your digestive issue. Often, it can be related to disconnection from the Self. Yoga is the first step to connect better with yourself!
    • Self connection helps us to make better connections with our food choices and senses.
    • Lowering stress levels improves digestion and metabolism. 
    • Stay with your breath during challenging times, both on the yoga mat while in tough poses and in life while in uncomfortable situations! Find your inner strength. 
    • Avoid multi-tasking and instead focus on one task at a time in order to be more mindful/present. Eat in a present state. Cook in a present state. 
  • Big Takeaway Tips

    • Get to yoga class consistently! Incorporate an overall balanced practice.
    • Everyone is different in body and mind. 
      • Find the right diet. 
      • Find the right poses.
      • The body will tell you what it needs if you are in tune with it. 
    • Jeanne’s 3 takeaways:
      1. Clean up the internal and external environment: diet, mind
      2. Get to your yoga class to connect the mind and the body. 
      3. Have the discipline to do these things consistently.
        • Kerwin Rae: Freedom (discipline video) 
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