Heal Your Gut in 30 Days: Online Nutrition Course

Heal Your Gut in 30 Days_Course Image

Are you done with suffering from chronic discomfort from annoying digestive symptoms?

Are you ready to not be that person who is always wondering where the next cleanest bathroom is located?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I developed this online nutrition course to help you manage your tummy troubles. Whether you have IBS, GERD, IBD, or other gastrointestinal concerns, this course will walk you through the necessary steps to feel better. 

The course is designed to take you on a month-long gut healing journey. You’ll get lifetime access to over 2-hours of video, outlining everything you need to know to heal your gut at last. You’ll get access to all of my specialized handouts and resources I typically reserve for one-on-one clients. 

Here’s what you can expect after completing the course: 

  1. Identify the triggers impacting your digestive symptoms including foods, food components, and lifestyle factors.
  2. Develop and implement a personalized gut-healing elimination diet with a corresponding meal plan.
  3. Create at least 3 SMART goals related to improving other gut-health factors such as eating behaviors, physical activity, and stress management.
  4. Design an educated supplement/product regimen that fits your specific health goals.
  5. Learn how to live your daily life without feeling impaired by frustrating digestive issues.

The 8 Gut Healing Steps I’ll walk you through include: 

Step 1: Self Report Card– This section allows you to reflect on how you’re doing before you dive into the course. You’ll complete a digestive-based Symptom Survey, which acts as your report-card. You’ll be able to assess your progress throughout the 30-days. You’ll also complete a Product Inventory worksheet to organize all of the supplements and medications you’re using. Lastly, you’ll start completing a food & symptom diary that you’ll keep throughout the program to stay on track and accountable.

Step 2: Personalized Elimination Diet Part 1– This section of course teaches you what an elimination diet is, who it helps, and why you should follow one. You’ll learn about the common food triggers for various types of digestive issues like IBS and GERD. Lastly, you’ll complete your own Food Trigger worksheet as the basis of your personalized elimination diet.

Step 3: Personalized Elimination Diet Part 2– This section of course helps you to put together your actual meal plan that you’ll follow through the 2-3 week elimination diet. You’ll get pro-meal planning tips and tricks so you can adhere to the diet successfully! By the end of this section, you’ll be ready to start your diet on your anticipated “start date.”

Step 4: Eating Behaviors– This section of course helps you identify and overcome eating behaviors that may be impairing your gut health. You’ll learn why these behaviors sabotage digestive health. You’ll complete the Eating Behaviors Self-Assessment and set SMART goals to help encourage positive behavior change.

Step 5: Stress Management- This section focuses on the connection between stress and gut health. You’ll complete the Stress Self-Assessment worksheet to fully understand how stress may be playing a role in your everyday life. You’ll set SMART goals to help manage your stress response in a healthy way.

Step 6: Healthy Body Weight & Activity-This section covers the connection between body weight (under and overweight) and your digestion. You’ll also learn about physical activity and its importance in gut healing. You’ll set SMART goals related to incorporating this essential aspect of overall health into your life.

Step 7: Supplements & OTC Products-This section reviews the importance of being knowledgeable about the products you take. While it’s not possible to provide all-around product recommendation to each student, you’ll gain insight into what you should use for various types of gut ailments. You’ll edit your Product Inventory worksheet to reflect your new regimen.

Step 8: Oral Food Challenge- This section teaches you what an oral food challenge is and how to perform one, step-by-step. This is the most important part of the course because you start understanding your body and how it responds to each of the potential triggers. After completion of your challenges, you’ll feel empowered to build a healthy-gut-maintenance diet!

Ready to get started?