Heal Your Gut in 30 Days: Online Nutrition Course

Heal Your Gut in 30 Days_Course Image

Are you done with suffering from chronic discomfort from annoying digestive symptoms?

Are you ready to not be that person who is always wondering where the next cleanest bathroom is located?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I developed this online nutrition course to help you manage your tummy troubles. Whether you have IBS, GERD, IBD, or other gastrointestinal concerns, this course will walk you through the necessary steps to feel better. 

You’ll get lifetime access to over 2-hours of video, outlining everything you need to know to heal your gut at last. 

The course is designed to take you on month-long healing journey. You’ll get access to all of my handouts and resources I typically reserve for one-on-one clients. You’ll even get personalized support from myself and the online community in the private Facebook Group. 

You’ll complete all 8 sections of course, covering the following topics:

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Elimination Diet Part 1
  3. Elimination Diet Part 2
  4. Eating Behaviors
  5. Stress Management
  6. Healthy Body Weight & Physical Activity
  7. Supplements and OTC Products
  8. Oral Food Challenge- Creating a Maintenance Diet

You’ll get it all for just $49.99! 

Ready to learn more and get started?