Eating a healthy lunch on the go is no easy feat…

Pick up a few of my quick tips on making healthy lunch choices when you only have a quick minute to grab a bite to eat.

This video walks you through three of the most popular lunch spots (Sushi, Chipotle, and Panera) and provides you some simple ordering swaps for a guilt-free bite on the go!

Takeaway Tips:


  • Sushi is generally quick, light, and energizing
  • Avoid tempura battered rolls 
  • Avoid heavy sauces that are mayo based
  • Watch the carbs:
    • Cut off outer edges of each roll to avoid excess rice
    • Opt for brown rice option 
    • Ask for the roll with cucumber slices rather than rice (paleo-style)


  • Ask yourself, “How does this meal fit into my day?” and monitor your own calorie intake
  • Opt for the salad to cut out 300 calories from the meal
  • Pick any meat, but add beans for extra fiber and protein
  • Load up with veggies galore! 
  • Stick to ONE creamy option: guacamole, cheese, sour cream 
  • Avoid salad dressing and instead use salsa for extra flavoring
  • Just say “No” to the chips to save 500 calories!
  • Drink water over soda (save money and sugar)


  • Visit the website and look at the nutrition menu to decide what is best for you
  • Opt for vegetable based options by getting a salad
  • Chips, bread or apple??…go for the apple!

What are you some of your favorite places to eat a healthy lunch on the go? Let me know where you go and what you order in the comment section below.