Just because [insert your favorite excuse], doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. Some report it’s lack of time. For others, it’s lack of energy. Most say it’s lack of motivation. “Fitness in 10” includes just 10 exercises you can do in 10 minutes without any real equipment, gym membership, or fancy bells and whistles.

While I was on my cross-country road trip, I tried to hit up the hotel fitness centers (aka tiny rooms with about 3 machines) in the morning before hitting the road each day. The “Fitness in 10” routine helped me feel less guilty missing my workouts even though I was on-the-go and had little time. 

Try out the workout I completed in my 3-minute video seen below. Feel free to modify the movements based on your personal fitness level. The key is doing each exercise for 1-minute without taking any breaks in between the movements. This will help to get your heart rate up, your muscles burning, and that sweat dripping down your brow in as little as 10-minutes. Try to complete this workout 3 to 4 times per week for a few weeks. As time goes on, you may increase this to 15 or even 20-minutes of exercise, but when you need something quick and simple you may always refer back to this original full-body plan. 

“Fitness in 10” Workout Plan:

  1. Body Weight Squats
  2. Right Leg Lunges (add a twist to advance the move) 
  3. Left Left Lunges (add a twist to advance the move) 
  4. Calf Raises (hold on to the wall for balance as needed)
  5. Plank Hold (from push-up position or forearms)
  6. Tricep Dips (legs bent for ease or straight to advance)
  7. Modified Push Ups (from a bench, the wall, or the floor)
  8. Standing Knee to Elbow Twists
  9. Scissor or Flutter Kicks (from the floor)
  10. Modified Burpees 

For more fitness ideas or help achieving your ideal body, contact me today. I’ll help you set up an individualized fitness and nutrition plan to achieve your goals. 

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