Erin_fitness_stretchingTrust me when I say, I’ve heard it all…that is every excuse in the book as to why my clients can’t exercise. “I’m too busy.” “I’m too tired.” “Gyms are too expensive.” “I’m in too much chronic pain.” “I hate exercise.”  While we all have our reasons why we can’t do something, I want you to start thinking of reasons why you can do something!

There is no denying the laundry list of reasons why exercising is absolutely vital to your health. It helps improve mood, sleep, digestive function, brain power, cravings, metabolism, pain, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. So, let’s brainstorm some solutions to your excuses so that you can reap all of the wonderful benefits of exercise!

  1. I don’t have enough TIME!

    • Multi-task- watch the news while on the treadmill, walk while catching up with a friend
    • Increase workout intensity (high intensity interval training), which helps to shorten the duration of your exercise session
    • Maximize workouts on the weekends or other β€œfree” days of the week 
    • Accumulate small bouts (5-10min) of exercise throughout the day
    • Put exercise on your schedule/planner as an appointment time
    • Find the best time of day to exercise that works with your schedule (morning, afternoon, or evening?)
    • Try a 10-15 minute exercise video using those found on Nike Training app or Sworkit app 
  2. I don’t have enough MOTIVATION!

    • Make it easy on yourself- pack a workout bag the night before and throw it in your car in the morning
    • Keep an exercise log to track your progress
    • Set a fitness related goal and design a fitness routine to work towards achieving that goal (i.e. complete a 5k race, do an unassisted pull-up, hit a PR deadlift, etc.)
    • Buy new workout gear…it is way more fun to exercise when you know you look good doing it!
    • Keep inspirational quotes around (i.e. Just Do It!)
    • Hire a personal trainer or find a workout buddy
    • Use exercise videos or apps- DVDs, youtube videos, Wii fit, Exercise On-Demand, etc.
    • Choose activities that you enjoy. Try finding a new workout style (hot yoga, pilates, Crossfit, boot camp, etc.) by checking out local deals on Groupon!
  3. I don’t have enough ENERGY!

    • Start exercising gradually and to your own comfort level
    • Increase activities of daily life (use the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from your destination, stand instead of sit, etc.)
    • Remember that doing something is better than doing nothing
    • Eat an energizing meal or snack that contains carbohydrates 1-2 hours before the workout
    • Remember that moving more helps reduce pain and increase energy!
    • Try exercising during the time of day that you feel most energized (morning, afternoon, or evening?) 
    • Use moderate amounts of caffeine to get some pep in your step!
  4. I don’t have enough SPACE!

    • Walk around the mall or shopping center
    • Buy the right equipment that fits in your home: exercise bands/tubes, hand weights, yoga mat, stability ball, etc.
    • Join an affordable gym that is convenient with your schedule
    • Go outside in nature or to a local track or park 
  5. I don’t have enough SUPPORT!

    • Join in on group fitness classes at the gym (Zumba, Body Pump, Barre, Spin, etc.)
    • Find a workout buddy- family, friend, co-worker, or maybe meet someone new at your gym 
    • Sign up for an activity with β€œMeet Up” group
    • Use a virtual support group like those found on Facebook, Myfitnesspal, or Fitbit apps 

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and like I always say, if there’s a will there’s a way! By overcoming your personal barriers to get started or to keep going with your exercise routine, I know you will find success with achieving your health goals. Now go get moving πŸ™‚

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