coffee-cup-bed-bedroomSleep is certainly one of my all time favorite activities! However, I often suffer from poor sleep and/or lack of sleep, just like many of my clients. Before reading on, be sure to check out part I of this sleep hygiene series where I will walk you through my Good-Sleep-Hygiene checklist. The checklist reviews all of the lifestyle changes you can consider incorporating to help improve your sleep. Now, if you still struggle with sleep, here are some additional hacks to try out:

Remedies to Support Sleep:

0.3-5mg, immediate or sustained release formulasTake tablet 30-60 minutes before bedtimeRegulates your body’s clock (circadian rhythm). Consider using when traveling or when you are adjusting to changes in your sleep/wake schedule.

RemedyDoseHow to TakeWhy it works
  1. Melatonin
2. Lemon balm80mg extract in combination with 160mg valerian root extractTake 2-3 times per dayProduces a calming and sedative effect that helps to improve the quality and quantity of sleep
3. ChamomileTeaPer label instructionsMild hypnotic and sedative effect and improves time to sleep onset
4. Valerian root400-900mgTake 30min to 2 hours before bedtimeReduces time to sleep onset and improves subjective quality of sleep. Best if used by those who have trouble falling asleep. Long term use (over 6 weeks) is not advised.
5. LavenderEssential oil aromatherapy  Use lavender oil in a vaporizer overnightSeems to induce relaxation and sedation
6. PassionflowerTeaDrink tea 1 hour before bedtimeImproves measures of sleep quality as it has a sedative, hypnotic, and analgesic effects
7. Magnesium200-1000 mg/day Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) allows absorption through the skin. Or, take magnesium glycinate capsules.Regulates your body’s clock (circadian rhythm), promotes relaxation
8. 100% Tart Cherry juice2, 8-ounce servingsDrink one cup in the morning and one cup 1-2 hours before bedtimeNaturally contains melatonin and tryptophan, which help regulate and induce sleep 
10. L-Tryptophan1 gTake 30-60 minutes before bedRaises level of serotonin which promotes relaxation. Do not take if you are taking antidepressants.
11. 5-HTP50-100 mgTake 30-60 minutes before bed with a carbohydrate like fruitTreats insomnia associated with depression. Do not take if you are taking antidepressants.
12. L-Theanine100 -200 mg, SuntheanineTake 30-60 minutes before bed  Seems to relieve anxiety and cause relaxation

Talk to your doctor before starting any herbal remedies to improve sleep as they may interact with some medications. Lastly, remember that no amount of supplement can override poor sleep hygiene. So, make sure to work on modifying sleep related behaviors before starting a supplement regimen. 



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