This program will not only change your health, but will change your life. Let’s work together to create a nutrition and lifestyle plan to improve how you feel, today!

Your personal nutrition program includes:

  • Nutrition and health education
  • Nutrient needs assessment 
    • Specific calorie and macronutrient (carbs, protein, fat) needs based on your health goals.
    • Micronutrient needs (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) to optimize your outcomes. 
  • Specific dietary instruction
    • Gluten free Diet
    • Low FODMAP Diet
    • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)
    • SIBO-Specific Diet
    • Mediterranean Diet / Anti-inflammatory Diet
    • Paleo-style Diet
    • LEAP Elimination Diet
    • GERD-specific Elimination Diet
  • Goal setting and behavior change counseling
  • Lab review
  • Tracking programs 
    • Anthropometrics (weight, measurements)
    • Exercise
    • Food intake
Erin Peisach Kitchen Counter
Erin Peisach - RDN | Your digestive health nutritionist

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I’ve helped hundreds of clients over the past 7-years create personalized nutrition programs to achieve their health and wellness goals. Programs entail a thorough review of your health and nutrition history with an action-plan to help you make appropriate changes. You’ll not only be instructed on what to do, but how and why you need to do it. You’ll also get the motivation, accountability and support you need for long-term success. 

“Working with Erin has been absolutely wonderful and life changing. We keep a monthly check-in during which we discuss the previous month, including any challenges and setbacks as well as prepare for future issues such as holiday time. We set goals for the next month and then touch base. She is extremely accessible via email and she just holds a plethora of knowledge to changing into a healthier lifestyle. Erin is a super cheerleader.” 



Join the many others that have had their lives changed and digestive symptoms reduced by working with Nutrition by Erin