Are you curious about nutrition counseling and how it may help improve your health?

If so, let’s Get Acquainted!

Jumping into a nutrition counseling program can feel a bit intimidating.

You may not know what to expect from it. You not be sure I can help you to feel better.

That is why I like to have all potential clients start with a Get Acquainted session before jumping into personalized nutrition counseling.

Get to know me! Equally important, I want to get to know you! Let’s find out if I’m the best person for the job at hand. My passion is to help individuals to feel their best. With this intention, I first have to understand who you are.

  • What’s your personal health story?
  • What are your health goals and challenges?
  • Why are you ready to make a change now?

This relationship is a two-way street and it is important that personalities align!

  • What is it like to work with me?
  • How do I approach to your health concerns?
  • What types of clients do I usually help?

No question is off limits!

Get Acquainted (GA) Session

  • The GA session will accomplish the following:
    • 30-minute phone session for all potential new clients
    • Get to know one another and find out if the practitioner/client relationship is an ideal fit
    • Gain understanding of client health challenges, expectations, and goals
    • Offer a brief overview of the potential nutrition care plan for the client
    • Answer all questions or concerns about virtual nutrition counseling
    • Review nutrition program details including pricing and payment options

At the end of the GA call, you have the opportunity to decide if moving forward with a nutrition counseling plan is the best next step to feeling better.

Please complete the form and payment below. Thereafter, you will be redirected to my calendar to schedule the call. This session is $45. 

  • List your primary medical diagnoses (i.e. IBS, Hashimoto’s, pre-diabetes, etc.) or health concerns (upset stomach, low energy levels, excess body fat, etc.):

  • What are your overall health goals (i.e. run a marathon, get off a medication, sleep a full 8- hours, lose 20lbs, etc.):

  • Have you ever worked with a nutritionist, dietitian or health coach in the past? If so, please describe the experience:

  • On a scale of 1 (not at all ready) to 10 (100% ready to change) how would you rate your readiness to make changes to the following areas (diet, supplement use, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene, & lifestyle)?

  • List any foreseeable barriers that may prevent you from committing the next 3, 4 or 6- months to improving your health:

  • Is there anything else you would like Erin to know?

  • Price: $45.00
    30-minute, phone call
  • $0.00