While many have utilized the services of doctors, personal trainers, and/or therapists, most people have not worked one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) or other health coach.

Without any prior experience, it is challenging to have the right expectation!  Each RDN has their own unique approach.  Below you’ll learn the steps I take for your personal nutrition care. 

Step 1: Get Acquainted

To start, I’d like to get to know you and fully understand your health goals. This introduction to one another is completed during the Get Acquainted session. This is a 30-minute phone session where you’ll describe your nutrition/health concern and broadly learn about my unique solutions.

This session also provides you with information regarding nutrition program pricing and payment options. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the entire process before deciding if I’m the right for you. 

Thereafter, I’ll create a Personal Nutrition Program addressing your needs.

Each client’s program includes the following information:

  • The anticipated amount of time you will need to commit to nutrition counseling (typically between 3 and 6-months) to achieve your goals 
  • The total number of appointments and frequency of appointments over the course of the program. Typically, appointments occur every other week, and may be spaced less frequently as time goes on.
  • Additional package perks include:
    • Open email communication between appointments for questions, concerns, check-ins 
    • Personalized meal planning including product and recipe recommendations
    • Tracking health metrics
    • Review and analysis of lab work
    • Nutrition education materials
    • Supplement recommendations 
    • And much, much more! 

Step 2: 90-Minute Initial Appointment

Next comes the initial appointment.  After completing your pre-appointment paperwork, the initial 90-minute appointment takes place over Skype (or in-person). This appointment dives much deeper into your health history as I’ll need to understand the root causes to your health concerns. At the end of this session you will be all set to get started on the plan!

Your plan addresses diet, supplements, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors to help reach your health goals. Some clients may also require lab work, which is discussed on an individual basis. 

Step 3: 45-Minute Follow Up Appointments 

Follow up appointments occur every 1 to 4 weeks, but typically every other week. During your follow up, I’ll review your progress, address questions and concerns, and continue moving forward with incorporating your plan. I’ll provide you with education, motivation, and support needed for your success.  Most clients require a minimum of 4 follow up sessions to achieve desired results. 

Step 4: Maintenance

After completion of your nutrition program, the work is not yet complete! To continue experiencing positive results and remission of symptoms, it is vital to follow a maintenance program. Most clients check in with me once per month to stay on track and address any road bumps along the way. Maintenance programs are individualized and will be addressed at the completion of your nutrition program.

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