nutrition audit

What’s a Nutrition Audit?

“Just tell me what to do!”

You may be screaming this inside your head, with all the clutter and information-overload for nutrition advice. Following the latest diet trends and misleading marketing material can lead you down a scary path… 

It can be downright overwhelming, leaving you feeling hopeless and helpless.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) since 2011 working with hundreds of clients, I have a bit of insight into this topic. I’m here to review your current nutrition approach, or lack thereof, and help formulate a new direction with a personalized results plan.

I’ll analyze your 7-day detailed food diary as well as review all of your current supplements/medications. You’ll get a full report with all the information you need to take action towards your goals. 

Who Needs a Nutrition Audit

If you’re a go-getter or self-starter, then this is the perfect option for you.

Sometimes it just takes an extra set of eyes to review your current diet and supplements/medications and offer suggested changes. You may not need all the handholding and counseling of a full nutrition program.

If you have a health goal in mind and are having trouble meeting it, then sign up for a Nutrition Audit.

Perhaps you can’t lose those last 10-pounds of fat around the midsection. Or, your blood sugar and blood pressure are sneaking up and you want to manage them with a natural approach before starting medication. Maybe you want to switch to a plant-based diet and are unsure if you’ll be able to meet your nutritional needs. 

Whatever your case may be, a thorough nutrition review sets you up for success.

Additionally, you have nothing to lose by optimizing your nutrition. Diet is a low/no risk, high-reward intervention that can help support almost every health concern! 

What Do You Get From a Nutrition Audit?

Your nutrition audit provides you with a comprehensive, personalized report on how to improve your diet and supplements to better reach your health goals.

First, I’ll review your intake form, 7-day detailed food diary, and supplement/medication list.

Then, you’ll get the following items from your report:

  • Calorie, fluid, and macronutrient (e.g. carbohydrates, protein, fats) recommendations for weight loss, gain or maintenance 
  • Specific dietary protocols to consider trying and how they help support your health
  • Tweaks to your current meals and snacks
  • Recommendations for healthy convenience products and easy recipes based on food preferences/lifestyle 
  • Suggestions on improving poor eating habits
  • Nutrients that may be lacking in your diet and ways to include them via food or supplements
  • Potential unnecessary supplements to remove to help save you money and effort
  • Suggestions for better quality products and/or tips on dosing to achieve desired results
  • Additional products to consider using to help reach your health goals with the science to prove their safety and efficacy  
  • First 3 actions you should take in the next month to get the results you’re after! 


This personalized report is all yours for $295. 

Months of nutrition counseling costs hundreds of dollars. You’ll get all the tools and individualized recommendations you need without hours of counseling time. 

You’ll also save yourself the hassle and commitment of reading every book, research article and blog post, watching every YouTube video and Netflix documentary, and listening to every podcast out there. 

Save yourself money and precious time by purchasing your Nutrition Audit today. 

Get the advice of a trusted nutrition professional and get started on your path to better health! 

Are You Ready to Get Started?