...There's An App For That!I love using fitness, nutrition, and health apps because…let’s face it, they make my life a bit easier! They help me to track progress, change behaviors, and learn about new topics. They don’t break the bank and they are so easily accessible. Anything to add organization to my life is always welcomed. Below is a list of some of my favorite apps to help support your health and wellness efforts. 

Tracking & Accountability:


Function Unique Features


Google Fit Tracks your distance travelled, calories burned, and weight each day Connects to a gmail account and will send you reminders to both phone and email if you have been inactive all day FREE
MyFitness Pal Tracks weight, calories/macros, and cardio  Has a database of over 5,000,000 foods—including some restaurants·    

Barcode scanner for easier tracking

Can store recipes to make tracking food easier and more accurate

Can pair with other fitness apps to better track your activity

Lose It! Tracks food intake and weight for free

With upgrade to premium version, tracks body fat, hydration, sleep, body measurements, blood glucose and blood pressure.

Allows you to connect with friends who also use Lose It!·         Pairs with other fitness apps to track your entire day

Barcode scanner for easier tracking

Premium version features challenges and groups to keep yourself motivated and accountable


FREEUpgrade to premium version for $39.99/year
Pact Tracks meals, cardio, and work outs You can choose to wager money that you will hit your goals; those who do get paid those who don’t have to pay FREE
Argus Pedometer, weight log, calorie counter Track meals by taking pictures of them

Can connect with friends to keep accountable

Gives healthy recipe suggestions appropriate for the time of year

Moves Tracks your activity Features a pedometer and accelerometer

Remembers the routes that you took for ease of passage


Exercise & Cardio:


Function Unique Features


Swork It Cardio, yoga, and exercise for all ages and in all settings  Gives a list and videos of exercises for each muscle group, perfect for new comers in the gym

Has workouts to do everywhere, including in the office

Track your progress with an upgrade to the pro version.

FREEPro version: $3.99
Nike+ Training Club Gives workouts, tracks average calories burned  Allows you to add friends

 Allows streaming of workout videos

 Gives general tips from professional athletes

Charity Miles  Tracks distance and time for cardio workouts Donates money to a charity of your choice for each mile that you run FREE
JEFIT   Lists thousands of exercises

 Allows to create exercise plans

Tracks progress

Allows you to connect with friends

 Shows animations of each exercise


Nutrition & Recipes:


Function Unique Features


Fit Men Cook Teaches you to cook easy, affordable, and healthy recipes. Recipes all have videos showing how to make them

All recipes contain nutrition information

Recipes can be searched by ingredients or parameters such as vegan, low carb, etc.

Apple products only

Fooducate Teaches you how to shop/what to shop for to make healthy decisions.·         Tracks both food intake and exercise Take pictures of a food and get a grade of how healthy it is

 Fooducate community can post and answer questions

 With premium version, you can gain access to specialized meals for low carb, paleo, gluten-free, etc.

FreePremium upgrade for $14.99/year
Yummly Recipe, directions, and nutritional information on thousands of meals Allows you to search with parameters such as gluten free, vegan etc.

Pairs with other apps such as MyFitnessPal, allowing you to add recipes onto them

Paprika Recipe Manager



Gives list of recipes and makes a grocery list based on what you choose Adds nutritional information where applicable

Allows you to add custom recipes

Allows you to scale the recipe up or down

 Search for recipes by source, ingredient, or name

Health and Nutrition Guide Offers tips for health through the use of proper nutrition Gives health tips such as weight loss for men and women, weight gain, and many more

Gives sources of many vitamins and minerals

Boasts home remedies for many common problems

Calorie and macronutrient requirements


Health Tools:


Function Unique Features


Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor Measures heart rate with your phone Allows you to track and analyze your heart rate history

Show your measurements in graphs to read easier

Blood Pressure Companion Tracks blood pressure, heart rate, and weight.

Just a log—need separate device to measure blood pressure.

Able to email results directly to your doctor

Gives min, max, and average measurements for easy reading